Thank goodness…



Have you ever felt that life is like a roller coaster… full of ups and downs that are nowhere near as thrilling as the actual ride?

In Psalm 27, we learn that David’s life had its ups and downs. He was transparent about his difficulties, fears, and times of testing. But, he balanced that angst with hope. In verse after verse, he spoke of his commitment to God, and confidence in His character and provision. He never once mentioned putting his hope in anyone but God.

No matter what life brought his way, David relentlessly kept his focus on God. Like most of us, he had times of despair but steadfastly believed he would see the goodness of God in the land of the living. He didn’t know how long before God would give him answers, or before He would intervene in certain situations, or before He would show His face in tangible ways. But, David knew that God’s faithfulness and goodness were certain, regardless of the outcome.

blog 6If you’ve never read the story of David’s life, it’s worth the read. He was a man after God’s own heart but he went through a lot of tough stuff in his life. He experienced betrayal, family problems, threats to his life, life on the run, loss, and times of abject moral failure.

David’s life was never once perfect, and ours never will be either.

Believing we will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living doesn’t mean that our circumstances will change. But, it does mean our perspective will change.

I don’t know about you but I need that reminder a lot.

blog 7How many times have I despaired because I took my eyes off God and fixed them on my circumstances instead? How many times have I tried to figure things out on my own instead of crying out to God for help and then resting in His sustaining grace? How many times have I allowed temporal hardships to overshadow eternal hope?

How many times have I sung ‘O, Great is our God’ during praise and worship at church while focusing on ‘O, great are my problems’?

Life is going to bring its share of turmoil, struggles, and tears. There will be times it will be difficult to see past our pain or hardships to find hope in the goodness of God.

But, the goodness of God is not dependent on our circumstances or our feelings. Our circumstances are temporal but God’s goodness is eternal.


One of the beautiful things about God is that He doesn’t require us to get our lives together before we come to Him. He wants us to come to Him just as we are. And then He comes alongside us to walk with us through whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.

It’s only when we surrender everything that brought us to our knees, to the One who alone has the ability to work our circumstances together for good, that we will truly experience God’s goodness in us, for us, and through us.

Honest to goodness…

blog 5




The sun will come out tomorrow…

The last day of 2012… wow!

When I think back to the first day of 2012, and all that’s transpired in the 12 months since, I realize I didn’t have a clue how the year was going to unfold.  I’m glad I didn’t know because, as much as I had to look forward to, there were challenges and hurdles that were best left unforeseen, and tackled in the moment.

In 2012, my beloved dog died suddenly at the age of 7.  I was laid off.  I fled an abusive marriage after 11 years.  I moved three provinces away to start over with basically nothing.  I found a job… then a better job.  Lost that job.  I’ve been unemployed with no income and no fixed address for 60 days and counting.  The past four days, I’ve been stuck on the East Coast due to flight cancellations.  If my flight leaves tonight, I’ll have 3 flights, 13 1/2 hours of travel/layovers, and then 2 hours of driving to look forward to.  I’ll be celebrating New Year’s Even on plane somewhere over the Prairies.  Hopefully they have champagne.


A year of firsts.  A year of challenges.  But also a year of growth, insight, strength, focus, faith, and hope.

I’ve been stuck in the Maritimes this holiday season because of one storm after another.  My life in 2012 held one storm after the other.  But, storms eventually end.  The sun comes out.  Life moves on.

I don’t know what 2013 will hold but I believe with all my heart that my storms are about to end.  I believe I’m going to get the 6 month contract with the provincial government that I interviewed for two weeks ago.  I believe my unemployment is about to end.  I believe I’m going to be able to stop bouncing around, living with various friends, and have my own little place by February.  I believe I’m going to be able to pay off my debt so I can just live within my means.  I believe I’m going to be able to put down new roots, make new friends, and find a great new church.

I believe.

Will things happen exactly that way?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  But, one thing I’m sure of is that it’s going to work out.  A new year.  A new start.  The storm’s going to end.  The sun’s going to come out.  Life is going to move on.

I’m looking forward to a 2013 filled with sunshine.  Farewell 2012.  The sun will come out tomorrow…