It’s all a matter of perspective…

blog 10Perspective fascinates me.  Two people can look at the very same thing, or hear the very same thing, and process it in two very different ways.  It’s all a matter of perspective.

Perspective depends on the person, their age, their gender, their experiences, their beliefs, whether or not they’re teachable, where they are in life at that very moment, etc., etc.  There are infinite variables to perspective.

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Perspective is so powerful, it often becomes fact to the individual – whether or not it really is fact.  Perception is reality to the person involved.  That’s why it’s so important to try and keep a balanced perspective.  To make sure we’re not so tunnel visioned that we miss the forest for the trees.  That we’re teachable enough to stop and consider that our perspective may need to be adjusted.  To consider that our perspective may be unduly influenced by the wrong people or by our emotions (which are not always reliable) or by our circumstances, etc., etc.  Again, the variables are limitless.

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I’ve learned that it’s often very difficult to dissuade people from their perspectives.  Which comes back to one of the most basic of truths.  The only person I can change is me.

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I generally try to really consider perspectives that greatly differ from my own.  I’ll weigh all the options, and usually ask people I trust – who are often outside the situation or circumstance – for their perspective.  Sometimes the result is that I adjust my own perspective but sometimes the result is that I need to adjust my situation or circumstance.  If the rest of the people involved hold a differing perspective that I can’t live with, it’s up to me to remove myself – not to try and change their perspective.

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But, I’ve noticed that my perspective on many things has changed over time.  I think that’s natural.  We change.  Our circumstances change.  The people around us change.  Our world changes.

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Time is bound to change our perspective, although not all our perspectives should change.  The wisdom is knowing the difference.

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That’s just my perspective.

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