Gaining strength…

Lately, I’ve noticed that people seem to equate strength in a person as being tough.  Tough, meaning ‘in your face’, ‘don’t mess with me’, bravado.

That’s not how I see it at all.

blog 4Everything I’ve been through has made me tough, but tough in the sense that I don’t just collapse and fold when things get hard.  I’m not saying that I don’t get upset, cry, or struggle with life but I can be strong when I need to be.  My mother used to tell me often that I was stubborn.  She never intended it as a compliment but I’ve learned that stubborn with the proper focus and determination is positive.

My stubbornness has helped me in life.

I’m too stubborn to give up.

To me, true strength is when someone shows strength of character.  Consistency.  Refusing to let negativity win.  Pushing through obstacles.  Having faith.  Being an example of grace, kindness, and forgiveness.  Showing that strength sometimes means simply walking away.

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I think one of the best reasons to show strength is that other people are watching.  My son has been an adult for many years but I know he still watches.

Our lives are a living example.  We never know who’s watching or who we will influence, either for good or for bad.

I want my life to show that strength sometimes means showing weakness.  That being tough means sometimes showing vulnerability.  That being imperfectly strong is better than not being strong at all.

That our past might have shaped us but how we’re moulded is up to us.

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