Keeping the right consistency…

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It seems that people either like to cook or bake.  It’s rarely both.  I fall into the middle category.  I do like to cook but I really like to bake.  The difficulty a lot of people have with baking is that it demands a lot more precision than cooking.

The key is consistency.

If you don’t use the right ingredients or the right ratio of ingredients, if you substitute the wrong ingredient – or in the wrong amount – if you don’t measure accurately, if you don’t closely follow the recommended baking times, you will get the wrong consistency.  And the wrong consistency practically guarantees a poor result.

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I was thinking about that in relation to consistency in my life.  How every aspect of my life determines what kind of result I will get.

I recently moved, and just spent the past week or so dealing with a lot of the minutiae that goes along with that.  Unpacking, sorting, unstoring, re-storing, changing my address with a seemingly endless list of businesses and people, dealing with government bureaucracy, reading manuals, etc., etc.  So tedious.

I also recently started a new job and, with that, came the biggest manual of all.  It’s seriously huge.  And I’m manual phobic.

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So, with just those things, have I been unfailingly nice, patient, thorough, disciplined, kind, outward focused, positive, caring?  Have I been the same person when I’m by myself that I’ve been in public and vice versa?  Have I handled interruptions, unexpected events, and unexpected outcomes with grace?

I wish.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t try, it just means I wasn’t as successful as I would have hoped.

Which brings me back to baking.

When I bake, I don’t just throw everything into a bowl without thinking, and then hope after the fact that I got it right.

That would be a recipe for disaster.

I plan for a good result from the very first moment, and then everything I do from that point on is intentional toward getting the right consistency and the best possible outcome.

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That’s how I want to live and that’s who I want to be.  My life lived consistently can make a big difference in my range of influence.  Which may be larger than I realize.  But, whether big or small, all I know is this…

The last thing I want is to be half-baked.

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2 thoughts on “Keeping the right consistency…

  1. This rings pretty dear to me. I’m great about getting started, and I’ve been getting better about keeping it up, but consistency has always been my greatest challenge. Planning and staying focused have certainly helped.

    1. I really think consistency is a big challenge for most people. It definitely helps that you’re being intentional about it. I know that’s the only thing that’s even remotely helped me. Keep up the great work!!

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