Life resolutions for 2013…

18 days until 2013.  It seems like just yesterday that we were on the eve of 2000, with all the millennium doomsday predictions that never even remotely came true.

2013 sounds very futuristic in a “Jetson’s” sort of way.

I’ve decided that I’m going to make some life resolutions for 2013.  I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s Resolutions because they tend to be predictable and repetitive, and ultimately ineffective.  But life resolutions seem more achievable and perhaps more realistic.

So, these are mine…

1.  Pray more.  As I typed this, the news story flashed about the senseless massacre in the elementary school in Connecticut.  26 dead, 18 of them children.  I need to pray more, not just for myself, but for the world in which I live.

2.  Give  more.  And by giving, I mean of myself.  I want to aim to do something every single day to make a difference in someone’s life.  Sometimes the smallest things are the greatest kindness.  We never know what battles others are fighting.

3.  Be more.  I want to be the kind of person that others can look up to.  I want to live my life in such a way that it speaks volumes even if I say nothing at all.

4.  Dare more.  I want to dare to be different.  To know what I stand for, and to stand for it, even and especially when it goes against the tide.

5.  Want more.  I want more from me.  I want to be a kinder, happier, gentler, wiser, more loving, more giving, more forgiving, more adventurous, more empathetic, more understanding, more joyful person.

Sounds like a tall order, eh?  Like any tall order, it’s best tackled one day at a time.  Even if I only succeed 50% of the year, I’ll have made a positive difference 50% more than I did in 2012.

But, I’ve never been one to go half in.  I’m an all-in person.  All or nothing.  So, I’m going to jump into 2013 and have the time of my life… and more!



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