What direction are you going in?

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately.  People seem preoccupied with the past.  I talk about the past sometimes myself but there’s a difference between talking about the past and obsessing about the past.  To me, the past provides memories – some good and some bad – and experiences – some good and some bad – that serve no other purpose than to provide information about how to learn and grow in order to move toward a better, happier, healthier, more rewarding future.  But, it’s all too easy to get stuck in the past.

Some people think their best years are behind them, and focus on those memories and experiences.  Others get stuck focusing on a bad memory or experience, and never seem to get beyond it.

I’ve been through everything you can imagine.  The past three months alone could fill a book.  But I’ve chosen to forgive, to be thankful for the good, to learn from the bad, and to make a conscious decision to keep moving forward.

One thing I’ve learned is you can’t move forward if you’ve moving backwards.  It’s not possible.  I also believe the best is yet to come… but I’ll never find that out if I choose to live where it may be more comfortable but where it’s also infinitely more confining.  After all, the past is defined while the future is limitless.

My goal is to move forward for the rest of my life.  How about you?  What direction are you going in?


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