Listening to the small voice in me

Ok, I’ll admit it.  Sometimes I watch “Say Yes To The Dress”.  What I’ve found most fascinating is how often the bride’s desires are drowned out by the differing opinions of the people who accompany her to the appointment.  As an armchair observer, I sometimes find it a bit unbelievable that the bride doesn’t just stand up for herself and for what she wants, instead of second guessing herself or trying to make everyone else happy at her own expense.   But, the reality is that we all tend to do this way more frequently than we realize.

I went clothes shopping this afternoon and, at one store, found a pair of pants that I liked but wasn’t available in my size.  So I selected the nearest available size, in the hopes they ran small.  Not surprisingly, they were a bit too large so I asked the salesgirl if she happened to have a smaller size in the back.

I was wearing a size 28 but, to my amazement, she told me I “obviously” needed a size 24.  I said I usually wear a size 26 but she insisted 24 was the right number.  By some miracle, I got them on and zipped up.  The salesgirl was delighted and pronounced them perfect but they sure didn’t feel perfect.  Far from it.

What I found surprising was how quickly I second guessed my own instincts.  I actually briefly considered that the salesgirl must have seen something that I hadn’t seen, and that I would just get used to the “painted on” feeling over time.  But, then I realized that, if I didn’t pay attention to my own instincts quickly, I was going to end up with a pair of pants I would never wear because I would never be comfortable with how they looked or felt.

I learned a quick lesson today about just how easy it is to stop listening to the still small voice inside of me because it’s being drowned out by outside influences.  Fortunately for me, I managed to tune back in before it put a real cramp in my style.


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